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    公務員英語 最新內容


    2015-09-07 11:11:22



    推薦2013-09-13 14:41:58

    政府部門常見英語詞匯: The people's Republic of China (P. R. China) 中華人民共和國 Province (Hebei Province) 省 Prefecture (Cangzho...


    推薦2012-11-21 11:13:41

    中國共產黨章程 Constitution of the Communist Party of China (中國共產黨第十八次全國代表大會部分修改,2012年11月14日通過) (Revised and adopted a...


    推薦2012-09-19 17:26:45



    推薦2006-12-06 05:57:20

    (2006-01-04 19:42:24)政府部門常見英語詞匯 (2006-01-04 19:42:11)公共標志和說明表達100例 (2006-01-04 19:42:04)常見職位、職務英文譯名 (2006-01-...


    2006-01-04 19:42:24

    The people's Republic of China (P. R. China) 中華人民共和國Province (Hebei Province) 省Prefecture (Cangzhou Prefecture)


    2006-01-04 19:42:11

      1、Business Hours 營業時間  2、Office Hours 辦公時間  3、Entrance 入口  4、Exit 出口  5、Push 推  6、Pull ...


    2006-01-04 19:42:04



    2006-01-04 19:41:53

    中國國家機關名稱(中英對照)China’s State Organs原作:大鸛全國人民代表大會 National Pe...


    2006-01-04 19:41:42

    中國人民團體名稱中英對照原作:大鸛People’s Organizations of China中國人民團體測繪學會 &nbsp...

    第1課: Introductions 介始

    2006-01-04 19:41:38

    1. Hi ,I’m Lin Qing. Where are you from?你好,我是林清,你是哪的?注釋:be from,從哪里來,哪的人。2. I’m Jane Smith ,f...

    第2課: Greetings 問候

    2006-01-04 19:41:34

    7 .Hello. (Hi.)你好。注釋:這是比較隨意的一種說法,通常用于熟人之間打招呼。8. How are you?你好。注釋:較正式的一種說法。...

    第3課: Paying a Visit 拜訪

    2006-01-04 19:41:27

    16. How nice to see you again!再次見到你非常高興。17. I haven’t seen you for a long time.我有很長一段時間沒見到你了。注...

    第4課: Receive Visitors 接待來訪

    2006-01-04 19:41:19

    24. May I have your name ,please?請問尊姓大名?25. Which company are you from?你是哪個公司的?26. Would you give me your

    第5課: Making Appointments 安排約會

    2006-01-04 19:41:06

    32. I’d like to make an appointment to see Mr.Cooper.我想同庫伯先生事先預約。注釋:. I’d like to do sth,我想做某事,是...

    第6課: Making Telephone Calls 打電話

    2006-01-04 19:41:01

    39. Hello, is that Mary , Mary Jones?40. Hello ,this is John Hall.Is Mr.Li in?41.May I speak to Ms .Green, please?42. Ma

    第7課: Office Routines 日常公務

    2006-01-04 19:40:50

    50. Please sort these documents.51. I’d like to send an E-mail.52. Please send the fax to Hongkong.53. Could you photoc

    第8課: Presiding over a Meeting 主持會議

    2006-01-04 19:40:40

    Opening words(開場白)58. Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please?59. Welcome to our meeting.60. I would

    第9課: Interview 面試

    2006-01-04 19:40:28

    76. What’s your name?77. What makes you decide to apply for the position?78. Can you use a computer?79. Do you speak fo

    第10課 :Taking about the Time and Date 談時間與時期

    2006-01-04 19:40:15

    84. What’s the time now?85. Could you please tell me the time?86. It’s two o’clock.87. How long have you worked in th